I Think We’re Good Here: Volleyball Podcast


#28 - John Mayer: Introduction to Ecological Dynamics

Todays episode stars current LMU Head Sand Volleyball coach John Mayer. John is also the host of the most listened to volleyball podcast “Coach Your Brains Out”.  This podcast can be broken up into two segments. In the first we discuss John’s humble upbringings coming from a house of two teachers, his time in the gnarly environment at Pierce college, how it prepared him for the culture at Pepperdine, kicking a hole through his ceiling from nightmares in the Long Beach Pyramid, losing in the Final 4, winning the Natty in 2005,  and his professional AVP/FIVB career. In the second segment that starts about 58 minutes in, we discuss the ecological dynamic philosophy in coaching. John tells us how he is implementing this in his practices and how it is becoming a part of his teams culture at LMU. A very very brief synopsis of the ideology would be creating an environment with a problem and the athletes need to figure out the solution. The talk is great a very relevant not only to sport, but our lives outside of it as well. Check it out!


#27 - James Stuck:The Vet

This weeks episode stars Team USA Paralympic Captain James Stuck. It’s a tremendous honor to have our first veteran on the podcast. On this episode James describes “getting blowing up” in Iraq and losing his leg, finding his passion for volleyball, moving to Oklahoma 5 months after starting volleyball to seek out his newfound dream in becoming a national team player, the difference between standing and sitting, the rivalry between Team USA and the Brazilians, the ways in which he finds peace of mind in success, his growth and maturation process as an athlete and leader, and finally his ability to move forward and just keep giving. Enjoy!


#26 - Jenna Gray: Kansas Kid

This weeks episode stars 3x National Champion, 3x All American, and All Time Great Cardinal Jenna Gray. It is a lengthy episode but it can be split up into two segments. In the first we talk about Jenna's start as a volleyball athlete in Kansas, her desire to do everything her sister did, being a gym rat, almost going KU, the evolution of their teams at Stanford, her relationship with both Kevin Hambly and John Dunning plus much more. The second half which start about an hour in we discuss her evolution as a setter and how her game has needed to progress quickly as she enters the professional circuit with her team DSC in Germany. We talk about the decision making process, location, tendencies, habits, behavior, attitude, and much more!


#25 - Paul Carroll: Greatest Australian Volleyball Player Ever

Today’s episode stars the great Australian volleyball player in the history of Australian Volleyball Paul Carroll. PC is currently serving as the associate head coach for the Pepperdine Men’s Program his Alma Mater. This podcast covers his illustrious career as a Wave and as a Professional Athlete. Paul was a 3x All American, AVCA POY, and a walking bucket. Paul discusses his unique upbringing as a Australian volleyball player, his start as a setter, assimilating to American culture once arriving to Malibu, his bitterness about not winning a National Championship, the legacy he has left behind during his time at Berlin, and his time now as a coach. Listen up!


#24 - Larry Wrather: A Black Man in a White Sport

On this episode we talk to current Men's and Women's Head Coach of Fort Valley State University and the Host of Motiv8 MVB Podcast! FVSU is apart of the HBCU Conference. Larry walks us through being a black man in a predominately white sport/world. We bounce off all the walls in this conversation going from sports, politics, police brutality, and everything else in between. It's definitely an uncomfortable conversation, but totally necessary. We want to hear from everyone and hear their perspective. That's the most important part of this podcast: learn, educate, and start getting comfortable being uncomfortable hearing some tough truths. Give it a listen!


#23 -Krista (Vansant) Hendrickson: Dual Threat

Today’s episode stars All-Time Great Husky Krista Vansant. Krista is AVCA POY, EPSNW POY, 3x All American, Ex USA National Team Member and the current Assistant Coach at Indiana University. Krista talks about her upbringing as tenacious gym rat, running an offense at the tender age of 8 years old, always playing up in club and how it prepared her for the rest of her career. The pride, joy, excitement, and sense of failure she felt at the University of Washington. Her defeating year abroad in Switzerland. What her short stint at USAV taught her and her development as a coach. Listen to it right here!


#22 - Matt West & Jackson Metichecchia: Your Hosts

Today Jackson and I are the guests! Our Hosts Matt Tarantino and Rich Barraza take the mic and the lead the discussion. Learn about my upbringing in a volleyball family and Jackson rude awaking that it was actually cool to play volleyball in the valley. We talk about everything from different coaching styles, parents in club volleyball now trying to form super teams, our takes on personalities we want from our athletes or teammates, and of course things we’ve learned from Marv himself. Take a listen!


#21 - Cassidy Lichtman: Work Hard and Be Nice

Todays episode stars All Time Great Cardinal Cassidy Lichtman. Cassidy discusses her current endeavors with the Non-Profit PathSports.org. The Non-Profit is dedicated to creating better people through sports. The idea is to provide young athletes with guidance in to how to be better teammates, build character, respect, etc. Cassidy also discusses her struggle with chronic leg pain since the age of 9 years old, her upbringing as a gym rat in San Diego, her time as a multi-position athlete in a time of specialization both at Stanford and the USA gym. Her brief time as a coach in which she won a National Champion with Stanford and her reasoning for coming out of retirement to play for the new Athletes Unlimited Sports League.


#20 - Kayla Banwarth: Big Daddy Hacks

Todays episode stars Ole Miss Head Coach Kayla Banwarth. On this podcast we will hear Kayla discuss her limited volleyball exposure living in Iowa, the culture of Nebraska volleyball, her first time being apart of the USA team, the sacrifices she made to be an olympian, winning a world championship, the devastation of losing a semi final match of the olympics, how culture over talent created the fortitude to bounce back and become bronze medalists, how she is applying her playing knowledge/experience to her program now, and of course Big Daddy Hacks!


#19 - Jason Mansfield: A Born Teacher

Todays episode stars University of Washington assistant coach Jason Mansfield. Jason discuss his various coaching destinations, from his tenure at Stanford to Illinois and now U of W. The difference in culture, process and style each one has presented. The challenges he has willingly faced both as a father and coach. What teaching the game of volleyball means to him and what his style of teaching highlights.

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